Is there a need for an attendance control system? We believe the answer to that question is 'YES', it is always necessary to keep a digital record of the people who attend an event that we organize, perhaps also a meeting. This allows us to monitor whether the message we are transmitting is at least being heard by the listeners to whom we impart the message. As the application of discounts for frequent clients keeps a register of the times that a customer receives a service within our business, then it becomes very easy to modify the discount-card-for-frequent-customers-application and turn it into an attendance control system.

This conversion will be done in two parts. In the first part we will configure the discount application for frequent customers and also we will register the attendance of a few participants. During the second stage we will make a video of the coding of a report that will allow us to see a table of attendance of the participants on different dates.

Without further ado, we will focus on the content of the video of the first stage.

Video of how to configure the discounts-app in an attendance-app

Watch the application demo below(right click "view video"):

Help for watching the video

On the 'Audio and Video Controls' right-click for opening the 'Context menu controls'. On the 'Context menu controls' Select 'Copy Video Link'. Then open a New Tab. Ctrl-l, Ctrl-v, Enter.

The 'Audio and Video Controls' are above where there is a message 'No video with supported format and MIME type found.'

Video url (click)


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