One of the things We dislike about the Unix desktop is not having properly working bluetooth on our workstations. Some things that are so simple like sending and receiving from our workstation are very uncomfortable and also something difficult to fix.

¿How to fix it on my desktop?

Locate the file /usr/lib/systemd/user/obex.service Modify the line:



ExecStart=/usr/lib/bluetooth/obexd -a

That modification is for accepting all the files that some devices send to our workstation. Without this simple modification files were not arriving on our workstation.

Start the obexd service which is part of bluez 5 package with.

systemctl --user start obex

With the above snippet You are going to be able of receiving files in the folder.


Probably there are some other solutions that with more heavy packages for solving the same problem. But here with just a simple window manager like openbox this solution works like a charm.

Update 2019

Sometimes after updating the bluez package. Some bluetooth devices are not able of sending files to our workstation. After checking the log with btmon. You are going to see

"Unable to get io data for Object Push: getpeername". It means the package manager has overwrited our change on the file (just redo the change) /usr/lib/systemd/user/obex.service

If You know any tip how to fix it more permanently let us know.

Last change: 07.02.2019 18:51

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