Our developer pinwino has been working on this application. It is a Customer Loyalty Card. We think this application is going to be very useful for some business. If your business have been trying to get customers return sooner to take your services this is going to work for you and your business.

How Can I start using this app?

Some simple steps for start using the application:

  1. Download the application from this link.
  2. Define the discount percentages for your business.
  3. Design your card, mark the sequences of customer visits that are going to have a discount, with its percentage.
  4. Set your service price.
  5. Fill the information about your customers.
  6. Stamp the card every time your customer takes a service on your business.
  7. See the Report.

The application have support for two languages English and Spanish.

You can watch a demo below(right click "view video"):

Video url (click)



This application have been implemented on a child's haircut salon. If You have a similar business give the application a try.

Update 2019

Our users asked us about the manual. Download it from this link.

Update 2022

Nuevo video link

video details or video index

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