We already have more than 11 years publishing articles or blogposts. And we still have a hard time posting regularly. We have several articles that we will be publishing shortly. We already have the titles of these articles defined, but the process of publishing each article takes time. People or organizations that make videos on YouTube always comment on the production time it takes to post a new video. Well, the same thing happens to us. Writing each article or blogpost takes time.

After eleven years 'We are experts'. Right?

More or less Yes. Also remember that we publish in two languages, and that adds extra work. Now the advantage that we have with our articles is that normally it is our own content that we publish, so it is quite original content.

Which one is our workflow involved on writing an article on 2022?

  1. We write a draft, with what comes to mind, which should include the article. Text only.
  2. We read the entire draft completely. And we are correcting and fine-tuning two or three times. Until the idea is quite clear.
  3. We see, if it is necessary to add a couple of images or a video, the video only in extreme cases, since the process of producing a video is much more demanding. On this step we pass the spell checker.
  4. We publish the article. And we see the content in the browser. We changed two or three things regarding the presentation of the page in the browser. It's a cycle of Publish and Undo, until the content we see in the browser is what we want to present to the audience.
  5. We translate the article to English.

Links and Accessibility.

Initially after step two described in the previous paragraph, we searched for some product phrases that required to be a link within the article and we changed it. Today we still have a list of keywords (we used to use in the past), which should be replaced in each article, so that any reader who does not know some of the terms we are mentioning can easily click on the link and see what it is about.

The links we have stored.


JIC: Those links will be displayed as below.


Several years ago, we stopped doing this, because it takes time. However, we should not lose this good habit, since for content producers this takes less time than for content consumers. So this article is about explaining. What is the idea we have to solve the issue of links in articles?

How to replace the links on the articles we write at Kipuamutay?

We have a word list as showed above.

With the word list what We did manually in the past was replacing every word found in the complete article one by one.

Now in 2022. We would like to automate it.

¿How to automate?. We will make an emacs lisp snippet, which does what we did manually in the past automatically. Just by calling the function.

M-x accessible-post


That would be all for now. The idea is to share with other blogpost producers about our particular way of publishing articles with emacs-muse. If you have the same problems or inconveniences, reach us with an email.

Last change: 17.08.2022 21:52

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