In times of pandemic, when we all had to work from home, it was a bit difficult to concentrate, especially if you have small children who, at the same time that you are connected to your work network, your children are also connected to the network. from their respective schools. And most of the time when your little ones have a question, they don't wait for you to have a free moment to answer their question, but they immediately ask you about their question. In this new work environment at home, sometimes it is difficult for us to have a clear picture of all the tasks or requirements our bosses entrusted us with each day. Are we able to remember what we did or what tasks we worked on exactly four weeks ago? Or maybe simpler, a week ago? If the answer is YES, then faena App is not for you. If the answer is NO, faena App is for you, with discipline you will be able to record daily how much time you dedicate to each of the activities that you needed to carry out to complete a certain task.

Yes faenaApp assumes that to complete a task You require one or more activities.

What is faena App?

It is an application that is responsible for recording tasks, also called orders or requirements, which are the tasks assigned to us by our clients (or are the product of one or more interaction(s) with one of our client(s)) and we must complete, or that we must complete as part of our daily work (commissioned by our employers). Once the tasks are completed, we can record activities for each of the tasks. With discipline and recording our activities daily, faenaApp will be a very useful tool that will help us keep track of all the tasks that we have developed in a specific interval of time.

See the task list.

See the list of activities.

At the end of the day I can have a list of the number of hours and activities carried out during the day.

See the daily activity report.

I can also have a summary of the number of hours spent on each task in a date range. accumulated hours report. View the acummulated hours report.

Y finalmente puedo ver un reporte de en que tareas me enfoque en un intervalo de tiempo. And finally I can see a report of what tasks I was focused on in a time interval. See the focused task report.

There is an additional report, which a user requested so that the activities can be copied in a fixed-width font, so that it can be pasted into an email if required.

See the source fixed-width character report.

See the fixed-width target character report.

How Do I start using faena App?

I just have to download it, unzip it and double click on faenaApp.exe. That's all it takes to start recording my activities every day. Following the publication of this article we will make a video on how to start using the Faena App.

From here on down the sections of this article begin, which perhaps will not be necessary to use the App task. If you wish, you can skip them.


Faena App supports two languages by default (English and Spanish), which can be changed from the command line.

C:\tareas>faenaApp /l

Additional Fields

Faena App to register a task (different from activity), you only need a minimum description or name of the task, however there are some additional fields for the task. These additional fields are displayed as read-only on the image. But if you want to use them you could.

attribute description comment
alternate_name task altername name
short_name task short name
test_case_number Estimated time required for task completion It is on hours
complexity task complexity dropdown
size task size dropdown
name_is_multiline task name requires more than one line of text the task field is always showed when editing the task

See an image with the hidden fields (read-only mode).

See an image with the hidden fields (hidden-mode).

How to use the additional fields?

Modify the content of the following FILE (biz_bean.sql).

update settings set value='
"alternate_name": 0,
"short_name": 0,
"test_case_number": 0,
"complexity": 0,
"size": 0,
"name_is_multiline": 0,
where var = 'biz-bean';

And then run faena App from the command line with the following switch
C:\tareas>faenaApp /r biz_bean.sql

update [link to video article]

You can see the blogpost about the faena App video

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