When we make our videos about our applications, it is always necessary to unzip the files that we publish for win32 in our domain. We unpack them within our videos, making use of Emacs. However, we believe that we should make a simple how-to guide. How a user who downloaded one of our applications should proceed?, when using his/her machine with the most used operating system on his/her laptop.

After downloading a kipuamutay application

Usually in our videos we download with firefox. After downloading some of our applications from our website. Locate the archive with the file browser, once located. do either of the following two options.

Right click on the downloaded file

<right-click> <extract-all>

Right click on the file and you will see a menu like the one explained (text-mode)

Right clicking on the file. A menu similar to the one explained below will appear.. Select 'Extract All'

 Right Click Menu >
 Remove all
 To open with
 Send to >

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