When we developed the wxtimeline, we took the decision of making it public domain. At that moment the idea was that developers where going to compile and use the wxtimeline. A few days ago we wrote the wxtimeline post second part. One of our readers let us know the video was not user friendly. Let's fix it.

How to do a wxtimeline user friendly video?

On our KP02 the window manager is Openbox, we like it a lot, You know few resources, very quick. Our window manager is very cool, But is It user friendly?. The answer is of course "NO", it is very geeky. So, On this video we are going to use Window_Maker.

Video Details

The new video:

What about the old one? link

What should I do with this tool?

Just realize How this tool could help you on your workflow. Knowledge management is very useful.

This time the audience of this video is anyone who was knowledge to manage. Which is going to be your use case?

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