Afraid of losing clients or sales If You are not present on the business, no time for the family. The time has come when your business should start using a system. Kipuamutay offers You the opportunity for organize and grow your business.

Another inventory system?

The offer of inventory systems are not enough ?. There are many sales and inventory systems on the market, each one of them with its owns pros and cons, but this one is multi-platform and can be used for free.

Why a multiplatform system?

Nobody needs a multi-platform system, a business need is a system that gets the job done. That statement is true however few entrepreneurs or potential entrepreneurs have a system available at their hands. For several reasons, among them we can count cost or lack of time. The system Kipuamutay offers is going to change that perception and that reality.

What are the requirements System Software and Hardware?

Well, well, It seems good to me. I am starting a business effort for selling chocolate. How Can I start using the inventory system Kipuamutay offers, what are the software and hardware requirements. Mmmm, hardware, any 386 machine or higher with 64 MB of memory and 4 GB hard drive, do not forget the ticket printer. As for the software requirements if the machine is old, we prefer GNU/Linux and Debian as preferred distribution. And the guys here at Kipuamutay will guide you to create an anonymous client and your only chocolate product.

Is not expensive a ticket printer?

There are ticket printers with different prices, so far we have only worked with EPSON ticket printers, but there would be no problems in adapting another vendor ticket printer for working with the sales and inventory system.

What is the Inventory System Cost?

The system is still in development, there are missing a couple of modules to be completed: Ticket printing module, the work done on this module is 40%. Opening and Closing day operations module. This module is Pending of development.

The cost will be installation and annual support. But you can start using it right now free of charge when used within GNU/Linux. We already have more than one client using the inventory system to manage stock and replenishing. It is also possible take inventories on your business.

Can I use the system free of charge on MS/Windows ?. No.

Do You have a demo?

Watch video.

How Can I contact the Kipuamutay support team?

Go to this link copy the email address and send us an email.

There is too much text on this page and almost no graphics?

Well take a look to the previous version of this page ;).

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