At kipuamutay, we are interested in powering the startups, that's the reason we kept developing our inventory system.

Inventory System

Client/Server version, develop with wxWidgets that enable us to use different platforms. It have been tested with GNU/Linux and Windows. For the easy of deployment the inventory system uses sqlite, it is very easy to use another database engine through odbc.

Web version, developed on Ruby on Rails, for the time going our hosting uses cpanel, so deployments on Ruby on Rails 3 or greater are not possible. In the meantime we need to serve our product list to feed our mobile clients, we are going to use a plain text file. Our mobile clients need to connect to a server.

Those are the mobile clients that connect to the inventory system web version:

In a future we plan to develop and ncurses version.

Last change: 08.11.2011 15:48