We like taking notes a lot, also We enjoy writing about our daily work. In this section you can find our writing until we implement our blog, at that time you can use a news reader, stay tuned about the blog.

Emacs Muse

When we started full time to develop the brand kipuamutay, the first thing that comes to our mind was 'what the product we would need to develop?', the answer is our inventory system. As we move on our tasks we are going to write about it, even we are going to develop a blog. As you can realize we use emacs for everything. Looking on the emacs tooling. We have found some promising packages for blogging1 (blorg, org-mode, emacs-muse). We have decided using bloggers when our nippon computer suggested us to buy our own domain. Choosing to follow their advice our tasks for doing our blog increase in number.

We need to add at the beggining of our tasks the following:

  1. Buy the domain.
  2. Get a hosting service.
  3. Design and work on our page.

Precisely in the last point is where emacs-muse help us.

Do your website Yourself with emacs-muse.


A helpfull tool, we have even created our own PKGBUILD 2.

CrossCompiling in Unix with wxMSW 2.9.1.


For being able to test our inventory system on a clean Archlinux installation we used ArchBang.

Installing ArchBang on an usb Pendrive.

1. See article on emacs-fu

2. We have had some drawbacks as removing inadvertently folders. After a scary moment it had a happen ending :)

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