Kipuamutay uses wxWidgets for multiplatform development, some time ago we have finished compiling our windows version using wxMSW 2.9.1 (see CrossCompiling in Unix with wxMSW 2.9.1)

Download the inventory system

Download here1 .


Our inventory system have been tested on XP, but it must works from W98 onwards.

GNU/Linux Distributions

Compiled with wxWidgets 2.8.11 on ArchLinux.

The binary requires the dynamic wxWidgets libraries(2.8.x is the standard for the most of GNU/Linux distributions), for each GNU/Linux distribution it's necessary to install the requirements using the distro package manager (apt, yum, pacman).

Ubuntu Requirements

sudo apt-get install libwxgtk2.8-0 unixodbc

Fedora Requirements

sudo yum install wxGTK unixODBC2

ArchLinux Requirements

sudo pacman -S wxgtk unixodbc

1. The idea behind this version is to be very portable, so it should be possible to use it from an usb pendrive indistinctly between Windows and GNU/Linux.

2. By default on the wxWidgets website, the compilation parameters do not enable 2.4 compatibility. There should be a reason why Fedora guys compile the wxWidgets libraries with 2.4 compatibility. That forced us to create an exclusive binary for Fedora.

Last change: 22.11.2011 21:46