Making phone calls with one hand, kinda difficult, right?.


Here @kipuamutay we have several old phones, among them the Nokia N900 (It's loaded with maemo cssu thumb) and the droid 4 (It's loaded with Lineage os). Some days ago we were having a casual conversation about "¡Doing phone call with just one hand!", the conclusion we have got was that making a phone call with just one hand on the N900 is a very difficult but possible task. In case you want to know how:

  1. Unlock by pressing the power button twice.
  2. Do the "swipe to unlock".
  3. Press the button of the camera. without opening the lenses. It's a trick.
  4. Close the application of the camera with the X. You are going to see the "task browser". Once on the task browser you can locate the APP to make calls.

Also, It is worth mentioning. Droid4 or better said Lineage os has a more natural interface for making phone calls with one hand, because the application to make phone calls is in the home screen. In the near future our Droid4 device is going to have maemo-leste installed. Making phone calls with the n900 in our country is quite difficult, it seems that mobile operators do not like the old devices (2.5G), when standing at the same place the phone call is much easier engaging to base station with a 4G device and clear also than with a 2.5G device.

Other alternatives

At kipuamutay we have developed the "one hand menu" for the n900. For being able of executing some actions more easily. As:

  1. Making phone calls to some frequent emergency numbers.
  2. Activating device bluetooth 1.
  3. Connecting to bluetooth speakers or bluetooth headphones 2.
  4. Connecting to the data plan.
  5. Setup the USB network IP 3.
  6. Taking a screenshot with the device in portrait mode.

All of this is part of our workflow with the n900 at kipuamutay. Have in mind that you will have particular and different actions on your workflow. If somebody wants to use the "one hand menu". let us know in the comments. The binary is not packaged but it is going to work.

The "one hand menu" configuration file.

1|Bt Others|
3|switch|sh ~/bt-switch.sh
3|connect to NAP1|bash -ic 'copi' 2>/dev/null
3|connect to headset1|bash -ic 'ccbtheadset 17:11:14:F6:00:36' 2>/dev/null
2|Others Conn Cell Net|
4|connect data plan|sh ~/link-to-ryu.sh "mytelcomgprs INTERNET"
4|connect home network|sh ~/link-to-ryu.sh "69a5d466-0fd6-4fa0-b73d-228e4d221f98"
3|Cell Connections|
4|disconn from cell net|dbus-send --system --type=method_call --dest=com.nokia.phone.SSC /com/nokia/phone/SSC com.nokia.phone.SSC.set_radio boolean:false
4|conn 2 cell net|dbus-send --system --type=method_call --dest=com.nokia.phone.SSC /com/nokia/phone/SSC com.nokia.phone.SSC.set_radio boolean:true
3|Network Setup|
4|myusbnet|sudo ifconfig usb0
3|take Screenshot|bash -ic 'dbus-send /com/nokia/hildon_desktop com.nokia.hildon_desktop.exit_app_view; sleep 10s; python ~/screenshot_n900.py; run-standalone.sh dbus-send --print-reply --system --dest=com.nokia.mce /com/nokia/mce/request com.nokia.mce.request.req_vibrator_pattern_activate string:PatternChatAndEmail' 2>/dev/null


As showed above you could have noticed, the "one hand menu" setup is done from a text file, something very useful would be changing the menu distribution with ease. Perhaps emacs + cedet_cogre would help us arranging the menu in our desired way.


1. This is also possible from the Main Menu.

2. This is not so easy with the Hildon interface.

3. It should be done in the terminal app.

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